Advantage of SuperApp

With the increase in smartphone users, there has been a huge revolution to digital era. Lot innovation are made to service customers. Today’s customer can get their things done through just a click on their mobile app. Whether it be to make payments or order something or may be cab/ride booking or anything else. Customer today can tour around the world staying in just one corner of their room.

Apps have made people life easier to fetch the world’s news on their mobile screen through news portal apps, have made online payment more easy and convenient without need to stand on the long que of cinema halls, banks or restaurant, shopping malls or any other places for billing. People can book a car/ride without even needing to wave stop to taxi’s driver on the bus stop or roads through ride share app. People can make a purchase of their needs through eCommerce app without even walking through the showrooms. Besides, People can pre-book hotel rooms, show’s tickets, foods and beauticians through the related app.

In one hand, app have made life easier to make things done but on the other hand, the life of those smartphones goes tough. Till today there are different mobile applications for different services. Due which downloading all of them is impossible in terms of customer trust as well as well acknowledging the capacity of the smartphones on basis of RAM and ROM. If there would be SuperApp as a mediator to build trust for people’s every day to day transaction and increasing the life span of those victim mobiles, the world be more convenient in a place.

SuperApp here I mean is collection of all those mobile application in one single mobile application. Imagine people ordering foods, at the same time purchasing movie tickets, booking cab/bike ride service and making online payments through the single app. It would be safer and easy for all the mobile app users. People wouldn’t have to worry about service issues as well trust issues. SuperApp would just work as a secondary operating system to the smartphones and primary operating system to people to function their life smoothly.

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